Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon Machining

Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon Picture

The best way of MHC machining:

MHC Alloy Drilling.

Hard metal ISO HW-K15

Point angle: 120 degrees

Clearance angle: 10 degrees

Cutting speed: 80 m/min (with cutting emulsion) 

Feed: 0.01 - 0.05 mm

MHC Alloy Lathing.

Hard metal ISO HW-K15

Cutting angle: 25 degree

Clearance angle: 7 degrees

Cutting speed: 100 - 150 m/min (with cutting emulsion)

Feed: 0.05 - 0.20 mm

Cutting depth: up to 3 mm

MHC Alloy Grinding.

Sipcon carbide cutting wheel 

Speed: 28 m/s

MHC Alloy Spark erosion.

WCu electrodes

Wire eroding possible